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Welcome to Storyix

We are a software company created to deliver great business value. Storyix focuses on working with brick and mortar stores. We think it is the best way to make a positive impact in our community.

Who We Are

My name is David Nguyen, and I'm the founder of Storyix. In 2019 I launched Storyix in Memphis, TN. A Nashville native, I started making websites when I was 14 years old. It began as a love for video games and blossomed into a career in technology. After working as a corporate software developer for many years, I grew tired of being a cog in the machine. I wanted to build a company of my very own. More than that, I wanted to build things to help the people around me.

Where We Are

For us, Memphis is the perfect place for the company we want to create. The city is known for its grit and grind. It's filled with passionate people creating a better future for themselves. Not only that, but the software community has continuously grown over the years. Every day we are amazed at the growth of MemTech, GDG Memphis, and CodeCrew. These amazing organizations and non-profits are elevating tech education in our great city. We see a bright future for Memphis, and we look forward to being apart of the Memphis community for years to come.

What We Do

The goal is to provide small businesses with technology to help them compete. We do a bit of everything. We build beautiful attention-generating websites that encourage people to become customers. We also use our platform to help process payments for other organizations. Finally, we offer our SMS platform for businesses to use. Our goal is to support you.

Working with us is easy. Contact us via email or (901) 350-7555. First, we'll set up a meeting to learn about you and your business. Then, we'll take it from there.

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