J Brooks Coffee Roasters

2099 Thomas Road Ste 16,Memphis,TN
- A Perfect Experience!

My Experience

After watching way too many coffee videos on YouTube, I was completely obsessed with finding good whole coffee beans. So, of course, I started searching for locally roasted coffee beans. One of the names that came up was “J. Brooks Coffee Roasters,” located right here in Memphis, TN. I was going to check them out, but I wanted to stop by Whole Foods first. I was browsing coffee beans at Whole Foods when I saw a man wearing a J. Brooks Coffee shirt. Wanting to learn more about the roastery, I started a conversation with him. Ron, who worked for J. Brooks Coffee, was extremely nice and helpful. He patiently and thoroughly answered all the questions I had. I told Ron I liked coffee beans fresh and asked him if I could stop by the roastery. He said, "Of course!"

Stopping by the roastery later that day was a treat! The place smelled amazing. As soon as you walk in, you are hit with a great coffee aroma. The place isn't a storefront, but John and David are super welcoming. John is in charge of J. Brooks Coffee, and David is his son. The roastery is located in a business plaza of some sort and isn't meant for heavy customer traffic. However, all you have to do is ring the doorbell and someone will let you in.

They have a great selection of light, medium, and dark roast beans to choose from. So far, I have gotten the pleasure to try out six different types of beans from J. Brooks Coffee. I haven't had a bad batch. It’s all high-quality; the beans and roast are uniform unless it's a blend.

Personally, I tend to gravitate more towards the medium roast. Light roasts are too acidic and dark roasts are a bit too bitter for me, so the medium roast is perfect.

I'm so glad I stopped by. Now, I make an effort to come in as often as I can to get fresh coffee beans.

-David Nguyen


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