When was your business established, and why did you start?

Hi! I'm David Nguyen, the owner of Storyix. We champion small businesses.

I started Storyix in late 2019. Before then, I had been working in software since 2009. I always had side projects going on during that time. However, due to complacency and lack of commitment, most of them failed to launch.

Around summer 2019, suffering from burnout and existential angst, I left my job at a large software company. I went to Europe on vacation for about a month. Then, I returned home to the States and moved in with my girlfriend. The city was Memphis, TN; the land of damn good BBQ.

Blessed with the support of my loving girlfriend, I decided to commit to building a business full time. The drive to be an entrepreneur and build my own company lead me to start Storyix. While in Europe, what I loved most was all the small shops in the extremely walkable cities. There was a vibe of community and a focus on slowing down to build connections. Those qualities are what I'm trying to recreate with Storyix.

What would you like people to know?

Don't be afraid to reach out. I love making time to meet people.

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